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Item #: 561257
MPN: 56102B-6L7

Adstation Oto Xen/Oph Coax+ LED with 750W

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Option: LED Throat
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  • Adstation Oto Xen/Oph Coax+ LED w 750W.
  • Xenon Otoscope, LED Ophthalmoscope.
  • 750 Wall Aneroid included.
  • Convenient blood pressure monitoring.
  • Options: LED/Xenon Throat, 750 Wall Aneroid.
  • Enhance clinical examinations.


Enhance your clinical examinations with the Adstation Oto Xen/Oph Coax+ LED w 750W set, featuring the Xenon Standard Otoscope and LED Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope. The package also includes a 750 Wall Aneroid for convenient blood pressure monitoring. Select your preferred options from LED or Xenon Throat illumination, or opt for the 750 Wall Aneroid alone.

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Item # 561257
MPN 56102B-6L7
Manufacturer ADC
UOM Packaging Single Piece

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