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AMSafe Primary IV Admin Set

Item # / MPN: 108306
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  • Needle-Free Y-Site Options
  • DEHP-Free and Sterile
  • Versatile with Extensions
  • Sure-Lok and MicroClave Clear
  • Varying Drop Rates Available
  • Rotating Male Luer Lock


Amsino's Primary IV Admin Set is a pivotal addition to their gravity administration I.V. set line, focusing on enhancing safety and infection prevention for both healthcare providers and patients. These versatile sets are available with the option of pre-attached extension sets for added flexibility. Amsino offers two types of Needle-Free Y-sites – the Sure-Lok and MicroClave Clear – ensuring aseptic and hassle-free connections.

The sets are available in varying drop rates of 10 or 60 drops per milliliter. Each admin set includes a rotating male luer lock for secure and adjustable connections. With the commitment to patient well-being, these sets are non-pyrogenic, DEHP-free, latex-free, and delivered in a sterile condition.

They also feature non-vented configurations, roller clamps, injection Y-sites, and the essential rotating male luer lock, making them a comprehensive and reliable choice for medical practitioners.

Item # 108306
MPN 108306
Manufacturer Amsino
UOM Packaging Single Piece

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