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Buck Neurological Reflex Hammer

Item #: 369100
MPN: 3691
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  • 4-in-1 neurological hammer
  • Chrome-plated handle with dual-sided synthetic rubber head
  • Concealed screw-in brush in the handle
  • Needle contained within the head
  • Total length of 7 1/2 inches
  • Latex-free construction
  • Sold as a Single Piece


Experience the versatility of the Buck Neurological Reflex Hammer, a 4-in-1 tool designed to streamline neurological examinations. With a chrome-plated handle and a dual-sided synthetic rubber head, this hammer integrates various functions into a single instrument. It features a concealed screw-in brush within the handle and a needle discreetly contained within the head, adding to its comprehensive functionality.

With a total length of 7 1/2 inches, the Buck Neurological Reflex Hammer ensures ease of use in clinical settings. Crafted with latex-free construction, it prioritizes patient safety and comfort. This neurological hammer is an essential component for medical professionals seeking efficiency and precision in neurological assessments.

Item # 369100
MPN 3691
Manufacturer ADC
UOM Packaging Single Piece

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