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Dressing Adhesive - Box of 50

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MedicalRite Guarantee This item is authentic and brand new
  • Secure adhesion for holding wounds together
  • Breathable material promotes faster healing
  • Skin-friendly adhesive minimizes shearing or blistering
  • Flexible strips move with the body
  • Superior quality wound closure solution
  • Sold as a Box of 50


Secure Wound Closures - Our wound closure strips feature a strong yet skin-friendly adhesive. Thus, they stick well onto the skin and won't easily peel or fall off. The strong adhesion also allows them to effectively hold together the edges of the wound or cut as it recovers. With their excellent adhesive properties, using these strips can help minimize the chances of cuts or surgical incisions from opening after the stitches or staples are removed.

Minimize Skin Irritation and Damage - Despite being strong, the adhesive used for these wound closure strips is gentle on the skin. As such, they can help minimize painful tissue damage like shearing or blistering while they're being removed. Also, these sterile closure strips are Latex Free-based materials. They're safe to use by people who have sensitive skin and latex allergies.

Promotes Faster Wound Recovery - Wounds need the right condition to mend quickly and properly. Using these strips of surgical bandages may help hasten the wound's natural rehabilitation without compromising or adding more discomfort to the process.Made from a porous, nonwoven material, these strips promote vapor transmission. This creates a moist environment around the wound, which in turn encourages quicker recovery.

Item # 352500
MPN 3525
Manufacturer Dynarex
Size 1/2" x 4"
Color White
Type Flexible Strip
Sterile Non-Sterile
UOM Packaging Box of 50
Style Strip
Country of Origin China
Woven Non-Woven

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