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Foley Insertion Tray without Catheter

Item #: 492700-10
MPN: 4926
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  • Streamlines catheterization for efficiency.
  • 10cc pre-filled syringe option.
  • Suitable for 5cc catheters.
  • Sterile tray with essential components.
  • Graduated collection basin included.
  • Strategically packed for procedure sequence.
  • Practical choice for medical facilities.
  • Includes gloves, underpad, and more.
  • Sold as a Single Piece


The Dynarex Foley Insertion Tray streamlines catheterization procedures, ensuring convenience and efficiency. It comes with the choice of a 10cc pre-filled syringe suitable for 5cc catheters. This sterile tray includes essential components like a graduated collection basin, underpad, lubricating jelly,

PVP swabsticks, fenestrated drape, and powder-free, cuffed vinyl exam gloves. All items are strategically packed within the tray to ensure they are available in the correct sequence during the procedure, making it a practical choice for medical facilities and healthcare professionals.

Includes: (1) Graduated collection basin; (1) Underpad; (1) Syringe, 10cc or 30cc, pre-filled with sterile water; (1) Lubricating jelly; (3) PVP swabsticks; (1) Fenestrated drape; (1) Powder-free, cuffed vinyl exam gloves

Item # 492700-10
MPN 4926
Manufacturer Dynarex
UOM Packaging Single Piece

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