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Hammer Toe Crest - Pack of 3

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Size: Felt Large Left
Sold By: Pack of 3
MedicalRite Guarantee This item is authentic and brand new
  • For Hammer, Claw, Mallet, and Bent-Under Toes
  • Eases Metatarsal and Forefoot Pain
  • Anatomically-Correct Shape
  • Adjustable Elastic Band
  • Choose Deluxe Suede or Felt
  • Optimal Cushioning and Support
  • Tailored for Various Toe Conditions


PediFix Hammer Toe Crests deliver effective relief for hammer, mallet, or arthritic toes. With a focus on reducing pressure on toe tips and alleviating stress on metatarsal shafts, these crests play a crucial role in preventing issues like corns, calluses, and blisters while ensuring comfort for forefoot pain.

The anatomically correct shape enhances their effectiveness, and the adjustable elastic toe loop keeps them securely in place without the need for adhesives. Choose between Deluxe Suede or Felt top covers, both providing optimal cushioning and support tailored to address various toe conditions, promoting comfort and well-being.

Item # 815403
MPN 8154B-LL
Manufacturer Pedifix
UOM Packaging Pack of 3

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