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Mercury Spill Kit

Item #: 980750
MPN: 980SK
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  • For all mercurial blood pressure devices
  • Efficient cleanup of mercury spills
  • Green-Z absorbent pouch (1 oz.)
  • Scooper with attached scraper
  • White self-sealing polybag (17"x10")
  • Tear-resistant clear polybags (2)
  • Nitrile high-risk exam gloves (1 pair)
  • Safety shield combo mask (1)
  • Sold as a Single Piece


Designed for all models of mercurial blood pressure devices, the Mercury Spill Kit provides a comprehensive solution in case of a mercury spill. This kit includes a 1 oz. pouch of Green-Z absorbent, a scooper with an attached scraper, a 17"x10" white self-sealing polybag, two tear-resistant clear polybags, one pair of Nitrile high-risk exam gloves (latex-free), a safety shield combo mask, a "Caution Contains Mercury" sticker, and two heavy-duty twist ties. The kit ensures a swift and secure response to mercury spills, prioritizing safety and proper containment. Be prepared with this reliable Mercury Spill Kit for effective and efficient clean-up procedures.

Intended for all models of mercurial blood pressure devices when there is a mercury spill

Mercury Spill Kit Includes :-
  • 1 oz. pouch Green-Z absorbent
  • 1 scooper with attached scraper
  • 17"x10" white self-sealing polybag
  • 2 tear resistant clear polybags
  • 1 pair Nitrile high risk exam gloves (contains no latex)
  • 1 safety shield combo mask
  • 1 “Caution Contains Mercury” sticker
  • 2 heavy duty twist ties
Item # 980750
Manufacturer ADC
UOM Packaging Single Piece

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