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Monosof Monofilament Sutures w Premium Reverse Cutting - Box of 12

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Size: 5
Needle Name: P-11
MedicalRite Guarantee This item is authentic and brand new
  • Versatile biohazard waste bags.
  • Multiple capacities available.
  • Robust design for safety.
  • Ideal for various settings.
  • Ensures clean and secure environment.
  • 40-45 gallon capacity for substantial needs.
  • Range from 1-2 to 8-10 gallons.
  • 30-gallon option for mid-sized disposal.


Explore the diverse range of Biohazard Waste Bags from Medegen Medical Products, designed to address varied disposal needs in healthcare, laboratories, and clinical environments. The Biohazard Waste Bag with a 40-45 gallon capacity is perfect for substantial disposal requirements, offering a robust design to maintain a clean and secure environment.

For smaller disposal needs, Medegen provides Biohazard Waste Bags ranging from 1-2 gallons to 8-10 gallons, offering versatility for different applications and ensuring the safe containment of biohazardous materials. Additionally, the 30-gallon Biohazard Waste Bag provides a suitable mid-sized option, further enhancing flexibility in waste disposal across various settings.

Item # 662036
Manufacturer Medtronic
UOM Packaging Box of 12

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