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Oral Glucose Gel - Pack of 3

Item #: 641234
MPN: strawberry
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  • 15 grams glucose per pouch
  • For Type I and Type II diabetes
  • Standard practice for hypoglycemia
  • Easy-to-open portable pouches
  • Strawberry-banana flavor delight
  • Sold as a Pack of 3


These convenient squeeze pouches contain oral glucose gel, each delivering a crucial 15 grams of glucose. They are specifically designed for preventing or addressing hypoglycemia in both Type I and Type II diabetes cases. It's an industry-standard practice to administer 15 grams of glucose when blood sugar levels fall below 50 mg/dL.

These portable pouches are easy to open, making them suitable for patients, first responders, and healthcare professionals. Plus, they feature a delightful strawberry-banana flavor, making the process of managing low blood sugar a bit more palatable.

Item # 641234
MPN strawberry
Manufacturer Life Nutrition
UOM Packaging Pack of 3

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