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Powerstep Orthotic Shoe Insole - One Pair

Item #: 501203
MPN: 5012-03B
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  • Powerstep Slimtech 3/4 Insole
  • Versatile support for all shoes
  • Prescription-like foot support
  • Antimicrobial fabric for dryness
  • Heel cradle for stability
  • Fully cushioned for comfort
  • Sold as a Pack of 1 Pair


Experience the Powerstep Slimtech 3/4 Insole from BSN Medical, offering versatile support designed to fit a wide range of shoes with a 'sure fit.' These insoles provide strong, prescription-like foot support while maintaining flexibility for comfort.

They feature heat and friction-reducing antimicrobial fabric for dryness, a heel cradle and platform for heel stability during landing, and a fully cushioned insole cover for enhanced comfort from the heel to the ball of the foot.

The slim, tapered design ensures a comfortable fit. Size B accommodates Men's shoe sizes 7-8.5 and Women's shoe sizes 9-10.5. Upgrade your shoe comfort with Powerstep Insoles.

Item # 501203
MPN 5012-03B
Manufacturer BSN Medical
UOM Packaging Single Pair

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