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Precision Needles Suture - Box of 12

Item #: 698111
MPN: 698-IMC
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Size: 5-0
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  • IMCO Precision Needles Suture
  • Nylon Monofilament Material
  • Versatile for Surgical Procedures
  • Enhanced Visibility with Black Dye
  • Suitable for Soft Tissue Work
  • Reverse Cutting Needle Design


IMCO's Precision Needles Suture with Nylon Monofilament is a reliable choice for a wide range of surgical procedures. These sutures are specifically designed for use in general soft tissue approximation and ligation, including cardiovascular, ophthalmic, and neurological surgery. The non-absorbable polypropylene material ensures long-lasting strength and durability.

These sutures are sterile and feature a distinctive black dye that enhances visibility within tissue, aiding surgeons in precise placement. The reverse cutting needle design further facilitates suturing, making these sutures a valuable addition to any surgical toolkit. Trust in IMCO for high-quality, dependable surgical products that meet the demands of the operating room.

Professional Use Only - Healthcare License Required Professional Use Only - Healthcare License Required
Item # 698111
Manufacturer IMCO
UOM Packaging Box of 12

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