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Pro-Tab Resting Electrode - Box of 500

Item #: 452334
MPN: PT2334
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  • Short-term diagnostic resting ECG
  • Unique silver/silver chloride design
  • Conductive adhesive hydrogel for stability
  • Fast, accurate, and clear tracings
  • Defibrillation recoverable system
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive for reliability
  • Compatible with various ECG machines
  • Sold as a Box of 500


The Bio Protech Pro-Tab Resting Electrode (PT-2334) is engineered for short-term diagnostic resting ECG applications. This electrode utilizes a unique silver/silver chloride and conductive adhesive hydrogel to deliver consistent, high-quality signal tracing with stable baselines.

It ensures fast, accurate, and clear tracings under diverse conditions. Furthermore, the silver/silver chloride sensing system is defibrillation recoverable, and the strong, hypoallergenic adhesive gel guarantees reliable tracings. The Pro-Tab Resting Electrode is compatible with a wide range of ECG machines and leaves no residue on the patient's skin after use, making it a dependable choice for medical professionals.

Item # 452334
MPN PT2334
Manufacturer Bio Protech
UOM Packaging Box of 500

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