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Diagnostic Cardiology Suite Spirometry

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  • Centralized connectivity for spirometry and resting ECG exams
  • Common workflow and setup
  • Launch applications from EMR
  • Automatic ambient pressure and temperature detection
  • Instant verification of spirometry quality
  • Incentive screen for correct spirometry performance
  • Repeatability criteria for feedback and coaching
  • Secure user logins and audit trails
  • Easy saving of PDFs to network folders
  • Sold as a Single Piece


The Welch Allyn Diagnostic Cardiology Suite Spirometry is a modular software system that provides a centralized connectivity solution for spirometry and resting ECG exams. This suite features a common interface between the two modalities, simplifying workflow and setup.

With one device for spirometry and PC-based ECG software, you can efficiently provide comprehensive cardiopulmonary care to your patients. The software allows for launching ECG and spirometry applications directly from your EMR. The spirometer automatically detects ambient pressure and temperature, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Instant verification of spirometry exam quality and test performance is possible, along with an incentive screen to guide patients in performing spirometry exams correctly. Repeatability criteria offer feedback and coaching opportunities. The suite ensures patient data protection with secure user logins, user roles, and audit trails. Additionally, PDFs can be easily saved to any network folder.

Item # 325386
Manufacturer Welch Allyn
UOM Packaging Single Piece
Country of Origin United States

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